Alium Finance
Alium Swap Intro
Decentralized AMM Exchange with Multi-blockchain Option and NFT’s

What does Alium mean?

In Latin it means - different. It's very simple - we let users trade any crypto to any other crypto on a decentralized platform.

Any assets, any Blockchain. Unlimited!

Existing AMM DEXs that offer their users unique advantages have several limitations and disadvantages that prevent them from providing maximum profit and benefits.
Decentralized exchanges on different blockchains do not interact with each other and the transfer of assets between them creates serious difficulties for users.
To enable the user to extract the maximum profit and choose the blockchain that best suits their needs, AliumSwap creates an advanced multi-blockchain AMM DEX.
It will allow users to safely trade assets and quickly transfer them between different blockchains. Taking the best from existing protocols, AliumSwap creates a complete ecosystem of DeFi products that meets broad customer demands.

What have we achieved by now?

Currently, we've integrated four blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Huobi ECO Chain. Bridges between those blockchains are coming soon. Farming platform is launched and Strong Holders' Pool feature for the strongest ALM hodlers is already live. And that's just the beginning!
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