How to Migrate Liquidity

Here's a simple guide on how to migrate liquidity from other DEXes to AliumSwap. Keep in mind that you can migrate your liquidity pairs only from a pre-defined list of exchanges and pairs.

Before you will start to migrate your liquidity, you need to make sure that you have a pair in a liquidity pool on a supported DEX.

Check out the list of exchanges and supported pairs: Liquidity Migration article.

Step 1. Go to AliumSwap DEX and choose ‘Migrate’

Step 2. Press ‘Connect’ and Connect your wallet

Step 3. Choose your liquidity pair in the dropdown menu

Step 4. Enter the amount of tokens and press ‘Migrate’

In case your approval transaction didn't go through, try to increase the amount of gas.

Done! Your liquidity has been moved to AliumSwap!

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