Strong Holders' Pool

Strong Holder Pool is a mechanic developed to incentivize holding your ALMs, not selling. To prevent the Farm&Dump, which many projects and communities experience after the Farming Campaigns, we decided to introduce the Smart Farming Pools to reward the Strong Holders at the expense of Flippers.

Strong Holders Pools are available to both Farmers and ALM holders who didn’t participate in Farming.

After you harvest the Farmed ALMs, 90% of ALM go straight into Strong Holders’ Pools of 100 participants each.

When the pool is formed, the game begins. The first users withdraw some of their tokens, which will be rewarded to Diamond Hands, who withdraw the last.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I got into the pool and can’t leave, help!!!

A: You’ll be able to leave when the pool is formed. If you can’t leave that means there aren’t 100 people in the pool yet.

Q: How rewards are distributed in SHP?

A: First 70 people out of 100 who leave the pool lose some of the ALMs they had put into the pool. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be at a huge loss - if people who stay in the pool after you have way fewer ALMs than you, your loss will be way less too.

Q: How many pools can be formed? Is there a limit?

A: There is no limit to the number of pools that can be formed.

Q: What’s that about x8 NFTs?

A: Last 8 participants of the pool will get one of the collectible usable NFTs for our upcoming game Cyber City Inc. Among these can be gear, weapon, land pieces (not character).

Q: Can I add tokens to the pool which is already closed?

A: No. You’ll be able to add tokens only to the new pool. It works in the same way with farming. Your rewards will be transferred to the next open pool.

Q: How long will it take to take profit in SHP?

A: It depends. Generally speaking, after 70 people left you’ll be in profit.

Q: I just joined the pool. If I leave now will I be at loss?

A: It depends. If you leave among the first 35 people and the pool consists of people with approximately the same holdings as yours you’ll lose 70%. With the same pool structure among the next 20 people, you’ll lose 50%. But that’s theoretically speaking, in reality, no pool will consist of people with the same amount of ALMs. Your loss will be calculated when the pool is formed and it will be shown on SHP page.

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