How to Use AGB

Express guide about how to win with Alium Green Button (AGB) in 5 steps

1. To get your ticket go to and press Connect Wallet

2. Go to the Trading or Liquidity provision Sections and perform any of the following actions

Types of Action

  • Ticket for the first swap (with a minimum swap volume of $10 each)

  • Ticket for every 5 Swaps (with a minimum swap volume of $10 each)

  • 1 Ticket for every $20 of Liquidity provided on any pair within the BSC, ETH, and Polygon Blockchains, with a maximum of 10 tickets per day.

3. Click the "Win Crypto" or "Starts Game" button and move to the Alium Green Button game page.

4. Click the button to Spin the Wheel and win the reward

Type of the Rewards:

  1. Receive or Upgrade your NFT

  2. ALM Token ( 0.02$ - 5$)

  3. Stablecoins (0.02$ -5$)

5. Congratulations! You’ve just won your first reward.

Important Note:

If you want to mint your NFT and withdraw it to your wallet - you need to reach the 3rd level of NFT, but you won’t be able to update it later using Alium Green Button Game.

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