How to Use a Cross-chain Feature

A simple step-by-step guide about how to use a cross-chain feature on AliumSwap

Step 1. Go to AliumSwap Trade page and choose the Cross-chain feature

Step 2. Choose Your Wallet Network


If you dont have a wallet, please follow one of our guides

Link: How to Set Up a Wallet

Step 3. Select the preferred Blockchain and the assets that you would like to exchange

Step 4. Select the receiving Blockchain and choose the token that you would like to get


Currently, the cross-chain feature by AliumSwap supports 4 blockchains.

We are working hard on the following integrations. Stay tuned!

Step 5. Enter the amount of tokens you would like to send or receive


After the calculation, AliumSwap will introduce you to a breakdown of your trade along with the optimal route to exchange your token.

Step 6. Check the detail of the swap and press "Approve"

Step 7. After approval on your Wallet Network, click "Swap"

Step 8. On the confirmation screen, check the details of your transaction and press "Confirm Swap"

Step 9. You will be directed to the screen, where you can track your transaction.

Done! Check out your wallet and assets.

Follow AliumSwap Trade page and try the cross-chain feature right now!

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