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Hybrid Liquidity

Hybrid Liquidity feature was implemented on AliumSwap in Dec 2021.
Due to liquidity problems in the market, AliumSwap has created a Hybrid Liquidity feature as a solution for its decentralized AMM exchange with multi-chain options, and cross-chain features. Multi-chain DEX allows users to trade any cryptocurrency from one token to another within the same blockchain, or exchange their assets by using the cross-chain feature. To fully understand what I mean, current DEXs offer their users unique advantages at the expense of enjoying maximum profits and benefits. Also, DEXs suffer severe setbacks due to a lack of interoperability in transferring assets and platform interaction. And this is when Hybrid Liquidity features come into action…
How Hybrid Liquidity works:
If the price impact on a chosen pair surpasses 5% or there’s no such liquidity pool on AliumSwap, the liquidity pool of the other exchange will be used.
Hybrid Liquidity Model by AliumSwap
Currently, all of the integrated chains support Hybrid liquidity functionality, so trade away!