Hybrid Liquidity

Hybrid Liquidity feature was implemented on AliumSwap in Dec 2021.

Due to liquidity problems in the market, AliumSwap has created a Hybrid Liquidity feature as a solution for its decentralized AMM exchange with multi-chain options, and cross-chain features. Multi-chain DEX allows users to trade any cryptocurrency from one token to another within the same blockchain, or exchange their assets by using the cross-chain feature. To fully understand what I mean, current DEXs offer their users unique advantages at the expense of enjoying maximum profits and benefits. Also, DEXs suffer severe setbacks due to a lack of interoperability in transferring assets and platform interaction. And this is when Hybrid Liquidity features come into action…

How Hybrid Liquidity works:

If the price impact on a chosen pair surpasses 5% or there’s no such liquidity pool on AliumSwap, the liquidity pool of the other exchange will be used.

Currently, all of the integrated chains support Hybrid liquidity functionality, so trade away!

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