How to Use Refunding Feature

  1. If your cross-chain transaction failed, go to AliumSwap Trade page

  1. Press the Recent Transactions button

  1. Choose one of the available options


Retry transaction will execute transaction once again

Return funds will manage a refund in the currency before the error appeared

  1. Select Return funds and AliumSwap will start to process your transaction

  1. Once the status is updated, check your wallet

  • AliumSwap cannot make sure which of the steps error will occur, so, that's why we make a refund in the currency where we managed the swap of assets, before the error.

  • If a user changes back to the currency that they transferred, the exchange rate can vary significantly and the user will receive a completely different amount from what he expected.

  • Users can also make a refund in a week or a month

From now on, you are ready to go!

Try it yourself and leave us your feedback via our Social Media Channels.

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